Speeding Tickets and Demerit Points

Any speeding ticket for more than fifteen (15) kilometers per hour has demerit points attached to it.

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario allows you to accumulate demerit points from speeding tickets, but depending upon the class of drivers licence the ministry may;

  • Immediately suspend the drivers licence
  • Send a warning letter regarding the demerit point accumulation
  • Send the driver notice to appear for a demerit point interview


Driver licence suspensions for Speeding Tickets

For Class G1 and G2 licence holders for any speeding ticket with four (4) demerit points has an immediate thirty (30) day licence suspension upon conviction or if the driver pays the ticket.

Upon reaching six (6) demerit points G1 or G2 drivers will be suspended for thirty (30) days.

The police, traffic courts nor the Ministry of Transportation are required to give notice to the driver of the threat of suspension.

Subsequent traffic ticket convictions will result in a further six (6) month licence suspension.

All speeding tickets for more than 50km/h have a possible thirty (30) day to two (2) year licence suspension.

The Ministry of Transportation charges a fee of one hundred and eighty (180) dollars to reinstate suspended driver licences.

Any licence suspension will dramatically affect insurance rates.


Demerit Points for Speeding Tickets

  • Speeding 0-15km/h - No Demerit Points
  • Speeding 16-29km/h - three (3) Demerit Points
  • Speeding 30-49km/h - four (4) Demerit Points
  • Speeding 50km/h or more - six (6) Demerit Points

Drivers charged with speeding for more that 50km/h are also liable to a thirty (30) day suspension or to be charged under the stunt driving laws.


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