How Demerit Points Affect Your
Licence and Insurance

The Province of Ontario has 15 different types of drivers licences to which demerit points are applied.

Each type of drivers licence can have different rules regarding demerit points.

If you accumulate too many points, depending upon your class of drivers license, the Ministry of Transportation can suspend your drivers license for thirty (30) days to six (6) months.

Licence suspensions are issued upon receiving 4, 6, 9 or 15 demerit points depending upon the class of licence.

As well any traffic ticket can affect insurance rates.

Ontario Demerit explains the affects of demerit points and the relationship between demerit points and the insurance implications of a traffic ticket.

Ontario drivers receive demerit points for any traffic ticket that has demerit points from;

  • The Province of Ontario
  • Any other province in Canada
  • New York State
  • Michigan State

Demerit points are not applied to the drivers licence until the ticket is paid or the driver is convicted of the offence.

If you are fighting the traffic ticket, demerit points are not applied until after any court date.

Class G Licence holders are contacted by the Ministry of Transportation upon receiving 9 demerit points for an interview regarding their drivers licence convictions.

At a demerit point interview the officer of the Ministry of Transport can suspend your licence or make an order that any further accumulation of demerit points will result in a licence suspension.

At the interview the driver will have to provide reasons to the Ministry why the drivers licence should not be suspended.

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