Ontario Demerit Points – Ontario Demerit Point System

Demerit Points are regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation under Ontario Regulation Ontario Regulation 339/94.

Demerit Points are not lost or taken away, they are gained as the result of convictions for a traffic tickets under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.

Ontario Demerit Points.com explains the relationship between demerit points and the insurance implications of a traffic ticket on your drivers licence.

You receive demerit points on your drivers licence when you are convicted of a traffic ticket;

  • In the Province of Ontario
  • Another province in Canada
  • New York State
  • Michigan State

Demerit points have different effects for different classes of drivers licenses.

If you accumulate too many points, depending upon your class of drivers license the Ministry of Transportation can suspend your drivers license for thirty (30) days to six (6) months.

If the driver receives 2 to 8 demerit points they will be send a warning letter from the Ministry of Transportation.  The demerit points only go on the driving record when the driver either pays the traffic ticket or are convicted in traffic court.

If you are fighting the traffic ticket, demerit points are not applied until after the court date.

Upon receiving 9 to 14 demerit points the Ministry can suspend the drivers licence, the driver will be sent a letter from the Ministry of Transportation for a demerit point interview.  At the interview the driver will have to provide reasons to the Ministry why the drivers licence should not be suspended.

The Ministry will send the driver a letter notifying them of the time and date of the meeting.  If the driver does not attend the meeting the drivers licence will be suspended.

At 15 demerit points the Ministry of Transportation will suspend the drivers licence for 30 days.  A letter will be send to the driver stating the date and time period of the suspension.  The driver is required to surrender the licence to the Ministry of Transportation for the period of the suspension.

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The suspension remains in effect for 30 days after the date the Ministry receives the drivers licence.