Traffic Ticket Demerit Points

Most drivers can save their demerits by applying for a court date and fighting the ticket.

Fight Your Ticket & Saving Demerit Points

Most moving violations including speeding tickets have demerit points in Ontario.

When drivers receive a traffic ticket the reasons for fighting the ticket are two fold:

  • save or reduce the demerit points on the traffic ticket
  • keep the conviction way from the insurance company

When you fight a traffic ticket you’re looking to save money, keep insurance low and save demerit points.

Traffic Ticket Penalties

Drivers need to fight their traffic tickets to:

  • save or reduce the demerit points,
  • keep the ticket off the driving record,
  • to avoid or reduce any insurance increases.

Many traffic tickets have hidden penalties other than demerit points, including licence suspensions and increased insurance premiums.

Any accumulation of traffic tickets on a driving record will dramatically affect the drivers insurance.

Convictions for all traffic tickets are kept on the driving record for 3 years.

You Received a Traffic Ticket – Now What

The first thing to do is learn and educate yourself:

  • how is the ticket going to affect you
  • how will your insurance be affected
  • is this a first or second traffic ticket
  • does the ticket have demerit points
  • does the ticket have any hidden penalties

After analyzing the ticket consider how to fight the ticket.  Are you going to fight it yourself or get professional help?

Demerit recommends OTT Legal Services for fighting traffic tickets, and are the best reviewed traffic ticket company for winning and saving demerit points.

Fighting Traffic Tickets – Saving Demerit Points

When drivers decide to fight traffic tickets you join thousands of other drivers exercising their rights to dispute a charge.

When fighting traffic tickets many times:

  • the driver did not did not commit the offence / the officer is wrong
  • the driver has a legal defence to the charge, or
  • there is a compromise to save the demerit points or reduce the charge.
  • the driver can delay or avoid the ticket going to the insurance record.

As a driver it’s your right to either dispute the charge and/or seek to have it reduced and save your demerit points.

Fighting Traffic Tickets – First Steps

Once the driver has decided to fight the ticket and save their demerit points they have two (2) choices.

  1. Fight the ticket yourself, or
  2. Get professional help

Although drivers can always fight their own traffic ticket by getting a professional you get the best possible results for your case.

A professional traffic ticket fighter will;

  • Know any of the legal technicalities
  • Give you the best chance of having the traffic ticket dismissed
  • Give you the best opportunity to save your demerit points.
  • Save you time and possibly money through saving increased insurance premiums

Where you are considering professional advice we recommend OTT Legal Services to fight your ticket.