Class G Driver Licences

Class G drivers may accumulate up to 8 demerit points, at 9 points the Ministry will call the driver in for an interview.

Demerit Points for G licences

Class G driver licences are allowed to accumulate 8 points without issue.

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) may send warning notices when the driver is convicted of a traffic ticket.

Upon reaching 9 points the driver will be requiring to attend at the Ministry of Transport for an interview regarding their driving habits.

At 15 demerit points the Ministry will suspend the drivers licence for 30 days.

Demerit Point Interviews

When called to attend for an interview, the driver must attend or the Ministry will suspended the drivers licence until the driver appears.

At this meeting the interviewer will want to discuss:

  • driving habits
  • traffic tickets convictions
  • corrective actions

Where the driver takes a conciliatory attitude, the interviewer may caution the driver and advise the driver them that any further accumulations will result in a licence suspension.

At the interview the Ministry officer can;

  • suspend the drivers licence for 30 to 60 days
  • counsel the driver about their driving habits
  • place conditions upon the driver e.g.
    • if they receive one more ticket the licence will be suspended, and
  • any other condition the officer may seem reasonable

The officer will want to impress that driving in Ontario is a privilege, not a right and the ability to drive on the roadways can be revoked.

Accumulating Points

Demerit points are accumulated, not lost.

Points are added to the drivers licence from moving traffic violations, not that demerits are taken away.

Demerit points are not put on the driving abstract until either the driver pays the ticket or is convicted a the court. Most drivers can remove or reduce the demerits by fighting their traffic tickets.

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When Points Appear on Licences

Demerits are added to the driver’s licence only after:

  • the driver has been convicted, or
  • the driver pays the ticket

Drivers can reduce the amount of time demerits are on the driving record by applying for a trial date.

The points do not go on the driver record until after the court date. Court dates have been known to be 3 to 12 months from the offence date, depending upon the court.

Points are kept on drivers licence for 2 years from the date the driver received the ticket.

The conviction is sometimes called a “line on your abstract”.

The conviction goes on the driving record for 3 years from the court date, or 3 years from the date the ticket was paid.

Class G drivers licence holders are allowed to accumulated a total of 15 demerit points.