List of Demerit Points

Demerit points are applied to the drivers licence or insurance only after the ticket is paid or the driver is convicted in court.

Demerit Points – What You Need to Know

Ontario Demerit Points

Many times the accumulation of demerit points can be avoided by fighting speeding and traffic tickets.

Most Ontario traffic ticket courts will reduce traffic tickets where the driver disputes the matter.

Should the case go to trial and the charge dismissed, no conviction, demerits or record will appear on the drivers abstract/record.

Convictions for moving violations are what affect insurance rates, not demerit points.

Speeding 15km/h or less0
Speeding 16km/h to 29km/h3
Speeding 30km/h to 49km/h4
Speeding more than 50km/h6
Stunt Driving7
Careless Driving6
Cell Phone - Distracted Driving3
Cross Divided Highway3
Drive in Prohibited Lane - HOV Lanes3
Drive in High Occupancy Lane3
Drive through railway barrier3
Disobey Stop Sign3
Disobey Red Light3
Disobey Sign - Bylaw2
Disobey Police Officer3
Drive Wrong Way3
Fail to Remain at Accident7
Fail to Report Accident3
Failing to Yield Right of Way3
Fail to Stop for Police7
Fail to Stop for School Bus6
Fail to Lower High Beam2
Fail to Share Roadway2
Fail to Stop for Emergency Vehicles3
Failing to Signal2
Following too Closely4
Improper Passing2
Improperly Open Door2
Pass off Roadway2
Pedestrian Crossover2
Proceed Contrary to Sign2
Radar Warning Device3
Seat Belts2
Slow Driving2
Turn not in Safety2

Insurance Implications

Insurance companies look at convictions not demerits to access how much you will pay for insurance.

Convictions affect your insurance, including ANY traffic ticket, even for minor offences e.g. speeding 10 over the limit.

Demerit points only affect licence suspensions.  Depending upon the class of licence accumulating demerit points can cause the licence to be suspended.

This is an information site only. The list of demerit points may not be complete and the complete up to date list of demerit points is available at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.  Demerit points are accumulated not lost.  The accumulation of demerit points can result in licence suspensions for drivers.