G2 Driver Licences

Breaching any of the conditions of a G2 driver licence will result in a licence suspension, which will dramatically affect insurance rates.

Demerit Points for Class G2 Drivers

G2 drivers obtain the same demerit points as other drivers but face a 30 day licence suspension for:

  • any one traffic ticket with four points, or
  • accumulating six demerit points
  • violating any of the conditions of a G2 licence

Any conviction for violating a class G2 Drivers licence condition will result in thirty (30) day licence suspension and a dramatic increase to the insurance rates for up to three (3) years.

The increase in insurance rates will increase because of two convictions on the driving record:

Traffic Tickets Novice Drivers

Many traffic tickets have hidden licence suspensions that the police or courts are NOT obligated to tell you about.

G2 drivers accumulate points from traffic tickets like all drivers, but the threshold before a licence suspension is dramatically lower.

The following traffic tickets have hidden 30 day licence suspensions for G2 drivers:

  • Speeding
    • 30km/h or more than the speed limit
    • 4 demerit points
  • Following Too Closely
    • 4 demerit points.
  • Careless Driving
    • 6 demerit points.
  • Fail to stop for School Bus
  • Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident
    • 6 demerit points.
  • Stunt Driving
    • immediate 7 day suspension
    • possible additional two year suspension

G2 drivers convicted of traffic tickets, who receive demerit points, licence suspensions or are involved in accidents will learn that many insurance companies will be hesitant to offer insurance.

Driving Conditions G2 Drivers

G2 Licence holders must obey the following driving conditions or risk a thirty day licence suspension:

  • blood alcohol level of zero
  • all passengers must have seat belt
  • 6 months after receiving the G2 licence
    • only allowed to carry one passenger under the age of nineteen
    • first 6 months must not carry more than three passengers who are nineteen years or under

Where the police find a G2 driver in violation, the police may remove the driver and tow the vehicle away.

G2 Drivers and Speeding Tickets

Novice drivers accumulate points in the same manner as other classes, but have lower thresholds whereupon licence suspensions occur.

Any speeding ticket will affect the insurance rates for novice drivers. The penalty for speeding in addition to any fine are:

  • 0 to 15km/h
    • fine only
    • no demerits
    • no licence suspension
  • 16km/h to 29km/h
    • fine
    • 3 demerits
    • warning letter issued
    • no licence suspension
  • 30km/h to 49km/h
    • fine
    • 4 demerits
    • 30 day licence suspension
  • over 50km/h
    • 6 demerits
    • immediate seven day suspension
    • vehicle impoundment for 7 days
    • possible jail up to six months
    • 30 day to 2 year licence suspension
    • high risk insurance rates for 3-5 years

When Points Appear on the Licence

Points are added to the licence only after the driver has been convicted of the traffic ticket, or the driver pays the ticket.

Drivers can reduce the amount of time demerits are on the driving record by applying for a trial date.

The demerit points do not go on the driver record until the court date, which maybe three (3) to twelve (12) months from the offence date, depending upon the court.

Demerit points are kept on the driving record or driving abstract for two (2) years from the date the driver received the ticket, but the demerit points only go on the driving record upon conviction or payment.

The conviction or sometimes called a “line on your abstract” for the traffic ticket goes on the driving record for 3 years from the court date, or 3 years from the date the ticket was paid.

Licence Suspensions

Where a G2 driver is suspended for Novice Driver conditions, the Ministry of Transport will notify the driver by sending them a letter in the mail, after the conviction has been registered.

The suspension is for 30 days and starts on the day the driver surrenders the licence to a Service Ontario location.

After the thirty days have past, the driver may return to the Service Ontario and pay a reinstatement fee of $281 to reinstate the licence.

Any licence suspension will dramatically affect insurance rates for three (3) years.

G2 License holders who breach any of the conditions and are convicted of the offence will be suspended from driving for thirty (30) days for a first offence.

These offences have mandatory licence suspensions for G2 Drivers:

  • driver with alcohol in blood
  • more passengers than there are seatbelts
  • driving in excess of 29km/h
  • using a cell phone