Demerit Points

The Ontario Demerit Point System

List of Points

Demerit points are only applied only after the ticket is paid or the driver or a court date. Demerits are accumulated not lost.

Insurance Implications

The insurance is affected by convictions and suspensions, demerits can create a compounding effect.

Licence Suspensions

Driver licence suspensions occur with the accumulation of demerit points and your class of licence.

G1 Drivers

G1 Drivers have strict limitations for the accumulation of demerits that cause licence suspensions

G2 Drivers

G2 Drivers have strict limitations for the accumulation of demerits that cause licence suspensions

G Drivers

Class G drivers can accumulate up to eight (8) demerit points and then are subject to a driver licence review hearing.

Demerit Point Law

The law on demerit points is in Ontario Regulation 339/94, detailing the demerit point system for all drivers.

Out of Province Demerits

Other provinces and some US states have reciprocal agreements to share convictions and demerit points.

Saving Demerit Points

Learn how to save your demerit points and keep your record clear by fighting your traffic ticket in court.

Demerit Points Saved Licence

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The Ontario Demerit Point System

How demerit points work, how they affect your licence and how to avoid them.

The Province of Ontario has fifteen (15) different types of drivers licences with each class of licence can have different rules regarding demerit points.

Depending upon the class, the Ministry of Transportation can suspend a drivers licence for thirty (30) days to six (6) months for the accumulation of convictions from traffic tickets.

Any drivers licence suspension dramatically affects insurance rates.

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