Speeding Tickets

All speeding tickets, for speeding more than fifteen (15) kilometres per hour have demerit points.

Speeding Ticket Demerit Points

What You Need to Know

Demerit points are accumulated, not lost.

Speeding tickets for G1 and G2 Novice Drivers have licence suspensions for speeding ticket above 29km/h or accumulating 6 demerit points

Licence suspensions and convictions dramatically affect insurance rates.

Save your points by fighting the ticket.

10 km/h$40.000
11 km/h$42.500
12 km/h$45.000
13 km/h$47.500
14 km/h$50.000
15 km/h$52.500
16 km/h$55.003
17 km/h$57.503
18 km/h$60.003
19 km/h$62.503
20 km/h$95.003
21 km/h$108.753
22 km/h$107.503
23 km/h$111.253
24 km/h$115.003
25 km/h$118.753
26 km/h$122.53
27 km/h$131.253
28 km/h$136.503
29 km/h$138.753
30 km/h$220.004
31 km/h$225.004
32 km/h$232.004
33 km/h$236.004
34 km/h$259.004
35 km/h$265.004
36 km/h$271.004
37 km/h$277.00
38 km/h$283.004
39 km/h$298.004
40 km/h$295.004
41 km/h$301.004
42 km/h$317.004
43 km/h$323.004
44 km/h$329.004
45 km/h$335.004
46 km/h$341.004
47 km/h$347.004
48 km/h$353.004
49 km/h$359.004
50 km/h+No Set Fine
Must attend court
Licence Suspension

How Speeding Tickets Affect You

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario allows you to accumulate points for speeding tickets, but depending upon the class of drivers licence the ministry may:

  • immediately suspend the drivers licence,
  • send a warning letter regarding the point accumulation, or
  • send the driver notice to appear for a drivers licence interview.

Depending upon the class of drivers licence, e.g. Novice drivers G1 and G2 Drivers, speeding ticket demerit points affect the driver differently.

Speeding G1 and G2 Drivers

For Class G1 and G2 licence holders:

  • any speeding ticket with four (4) points, has an
  • immediate thirty (30) day licence suspension
  • upon conviction or if the driver pays the ticket

Upon reaching six (6) points G1 or G2 drivers will be suspended for thirty (30) days.

The police, traffic courts nor the Ministry of Transportation are required to give notice to the driver of the threat of suspension.

Subsequent traffic ticket convictions will result in a further six (6) month licence suspension.

All speeding tickets for more than 50km/h have a possible thirty (30) day to two (2) year licence suspension.

The Ministry of Transportation charges a fee of one hundred and eighty (180) dollars to reinstate suspended driver licences.

Any licence suspension will dramatically affect insurance rates.

Speeding Licence Suspensions

Class G drivers if caught speeding more than 50km/h upon conviction can be suspended from driving up to 6 months.

Where a police officer apprehends any driver for speeding more that 50km/h the officer may charge the driver with stunt driving and:

  • immediately suspend the licence for 7 days, and
  • seize the vehicle for seven days

Upon conviction the court may suspend the licence for up to 2 years.

The Ministry of Transportation charges a fee of one hundred and eighty (180) dollars to reinstate suspended driver licences.

Any licence suspension will dramatically affect insurance rates.

When Speeding Tickets Appear on the Licence

Demerit points are added to the driver’s licence only after the driver has been convicted of the traffic ticket, or the driver pays the ticket.

Drivers can reduce the amount of time demerits are on the driving record by applying for a trial date. The points do not go on the driver record until after any court date, which maybe three (3) to twelve (12) months from the offence date, depending upon the court.

Demerit points are kept on the driving record or driving abstract for two (2) years from the date the driver received the ticket, but the points only go on the driving record upon conviction or payment.

The conviction or sometimes called a “line on your abstract” for the traffic ticket goes on the driving record for 3 years from the court date, or 3 years from the date the ticket was paid.

Class G drivers licence holders are allowed to accumulated a total of 15 points.

How Speeding Points are Calculated

Any speeding ticket for more than 15km/h has demerit points.

Where a driver is caught traveling in excess of the speed limit a police officer may stop the driver and issue a speeding ticket.

The speeding ticket will have the fine but not the number of demerit points access for the amount of speed.

The list of demerit points is listed in Ontario Regulation 339/94 under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.

Drivers charged with speeding for more that 50km/h are also liable to a thirty (30) day suspension or to be charged under the stunt driving laws.